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13 Best Nuggets of Survival Gear Amazon Has and You Need

There’s nothing wrong with being prepared and getting supplies for emergency scenarios. Here’s a great list of survival gear essentials that if you don’t have you should!

#1 Use a LifeStraw for Safe Water

Everyone knows how important safe drinking water is, and the LifeStraw Amazon offers makes it easy to filter out most of the protozoan cysts, bacteria, and viruses in your water. I love that it’s a gravity filter and works quickly and easily to provide you with all the clean water you need. Check it out, and keep your family safe.

#2 And Sleep Soundly with a Tact Bivvy Sleeping Bag

This 100% waterproof sleeping bag will keep you dry and warm no matter the weather. It compresses into a tiny sack and only weighs 4.8 ounces, making it a great choice for an emergency sleeping blanket. Make sure to have a Tact Bivy on hand for every member of your family. You can pick one up here to sleep soundly every night.

#3 Then Use Reflective Mylar Blankets for Warmth

I found that this 50 pack reusable mylar blankets is more than enough to keep you and your whole family warm. They trap your body heat, and they also can be used to build a shelter, signal for help, and collect water for drinking. These essential warm blankets are a must have. Pick some up to endure the elements no matter the weather.

#4 If You Need Light: Count on Gold Armour Battery Lanterns

This 4-pack of LED small lanterns will help you illuminate the night without worry. They are made of water-resistant plastic and are very durable. Rely on Gold Armour for light when you pick some up here.

#5 Then Cut Trees for a Fire with the Best Pocket Chainsaw

This tough hand saw boasts 36” of thick cutting chain, is bi directional, self-cleaning, and will tear through any wood you need to cut. No matter if you want to start a fire or need to make a quick shelter, you can rely on this camping chainsaw. Try it out here.

#6 Stay Prepared with the Best Multitool for Backpacking… Duct Tape

Unlike bulky rolls that take up a lot of space and are heavy, this mini duct tape roll can fit into a pocket or survival pack and ensure that you’re prepared for everything. No matter what life throws at you, with duct tape you can fix it. Stay prepared and on top of any emergencies when you order some.

#7 And Make Sure You Can Handle Everything with a Survival Gear Kit

There are 11 different tools packed into this compact survival kit, which I have found will offer you all the help you need in an emergency. I call it my tactical kit because it’s so handy. From a compass to a Swiss card, you’ll be prepared for anything, so buy one today and stay safe out there.

#8 Now Stay in Touch with a Solar Weather Radio with USB Port

You have to know what’s going on in the world, and a hand-crank or solar powered radio will help you stay connected. Don’t worry about finding out the news when you’re without power. This bad boy is an am fm weather radio. Buy the radio now and be prepared in an emergency.

#9 Then Stay Safe with this Road Trip Survival Kit

No matter what situation you run into when on the road you will be prepared with this car emergency kit offers. I love that it has 149 pieces to keep you safe, but is small enough to fit in your trunk or your backseat. Check it out here, and stay safe with medicine, jumper cables, and light sticks.

#10 Or Choose from Another Great Amazon First Aid Kit

This is a very compact emergency kit that weighs just one pound, but it is packed full of first aid supplies and sterile medical equipment. Don’t let your family be at risk while on the road. This first aid kit amazon offers is a great way to stay safe, so pick it up.

#11 Now Plan Ahead with Heirloom Bulk Seed Packets

Nobody knows what the future will hold. But you will need emergency essentials to eat. So plan ahead for your garden. There are 20 varieties of seeds in this can. And they are sealed for long-term storage. Buying it now will ensure that your family will have a garden in the future.

#12 But Stay Full with a Wise Food Meal Kit Supply

I couldn’t believe that there are 32 servings of incredible food in this backpack, with a portable stove, matches, poncho, and flashlight. You can have a feast while surviving with this kit and stay safe thanks to the emergency supplies. Pick it up here for just in case dining in the future.

#13 Or Choose the Mountain House Bucket

There are 32 servings of ready to eat foods here, with simple preparation and no cleanup to make eating fast and easy. Just click Mountain House Amazon, and ensure that you get all the calories you need to stay safe.