About GDT

GDT’s advice, information, and recommended tools ensure your preparedness in emergency situations.

We’re thinking ahead and preparing now

Mother Nature can knock out the grid at any point. Sadly, people believe that technology is superior and our logistics will keep operating no matter what catastrophe occurs.

We our setting out to change that now. The products we recommend and advice we give will help guide you to be prepared with the necessities needed to survive stressful situations.


No Hidden Agenda

It’s simple: You are who we’re helping. The tips offered, content provided, and tools we recommend are objective, researched, and to the point.

How is this site monetized? In most cases, we are advising products from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. However, your are our main focus as we find the best products and content to share. We’re on the same team, even if it means not making anything.


Never Give Up!

Tell us what you care about. We’ll make sure you’re ready if the grid goes down.