Best Survival Straps for Emergency Situations


One of the things that I think that everyone needs to own is one, or a couple of survival straps. Whether you want to wear yours as a bracelet, watch, or have it as a handle for your water bottle, having a strap that can help protect you and offer you assistance during an emergency situation is important. This simple strap can be what you need to ensure your survival, which is why it is so important.

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How to Choose a Great Bracelet Attributes You Need to Consider GOLDBERG 750lb Paracord

Survival Straps Advantages 

There are many people who think that these survival straps have become a bit of a fashion accessory, and while they are much more popular now than they were in the past, I don’t think that this is a bad thing. The fact that they are more popular means that they are more easily found and purchased, which allows you to enjoy all of the advantages and benefits that they have to offer. One of the main benefits of this cord is that it is incredibly strong and durable. While it is only about 1/8 of an inch in diameter, a type three cord has a breaking strength of 550 pounds, which is unheard of with other materials.

Additionally, I think that the fact that this cord can be used over and over without affecting its durability or flexibility and the fact that it will not mildew when it is wet or damp makes it very reliable for use in all weather. This strap can be used in a number of ways, and I’ll detail those later.

How to Choose a Great Bracelet

One problem with these straps becoming so popular is that there are now a lot of low-quality imitations on the market. This means that you need to be very careful when choosing a new strap so that you get the best one for your needs and one that will last for a long time. Consider first the type of cord, as the four types all have different rated strengths which means that they will be used for different purposes.

Survival Strap Authenticity

You also need to make sure that the survival bracelet you choose is authentic. You want to only wear a bracelet that is made out of 100% nylon, as lower quality bracelets will have cores that are actually made out of a cotton-material. This means that they will wrinkle very easily instead of staying straight, and they won’t be as useful in as many situations.

How You Should Use Your New Strap

These survival straps are incredibly versatile, which is why I love them so much. They can be used to fix your gear in an emergency, help make a shelter, or help move objects. They can be stretched out as a clothesline if your clothing or gear is wet, used to mark a trail, and even assist in first aid situations.

Bracelets for Emergencies

While nobody wants to think that they will be hurt, when you have a survival strap bracelet with you, then you can help ensure that you are prepared for medical emergencies. These cords can be used to secure a splint or even to compress a wound. Smaller, inner strings can be used to floss and sew, which will help you mend clothing and create bandages for your wound.

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Attributes You Need to Consider

It’s easy to assume that all survival bracelet survival straps are made the same, but that simply isn’t true. You need to consider how many inner strands there are in the cord that you want to buy, as well as that they are made of uniform thickness. When a company pays attention to these small details, I have found that they generally are able to produce a much higher quality product. If the inner strands aren’t braided and varied in thickness, then they will not be nearly as strong as they would if they were braided and uniform in size.

Many people overlook this detail when choosing a survival strap, but it is an imperative attribute to consider when you are shopping and one that will make a huge difference in the durability of your straps.

Survival Strap Top Choices

Titan Paracord Survival Bracelet


  • Minimum tensile strength of 550 pounds means that this cord can handle most tasks
  • Sturdy clasp keeps the bracelet from falling off
  • Adjustable clasp makes fitting the bracelet to your wrist fast and easy
  • The cord can be pulled apart and frayed so that you can use it as kindling
  • The included fishing line is incredibly strong


  • Very stiff, which makes it uncomfortable to wear
  • Incredibly difficult to put on by yourself
  • The clasp is hard to operate, which means that taking the bracelet off can be difficult
  • Due to the size, it’s not ideal for people with smaller hands and wrists

GOLDBERG 750lb Paracord


  • The strap is resistant to mold and mildew and will not develop a strange smell
  • Tested for a minimum breaking strength of 750 pounds
  • With six different lengths, you can choose the one you need
  • 11 inner strands provide strength and utility
  • Can be used to make bracelets, dog toys, lanyard, and other items


  • Rope is incredibly stiff and difficult to work with
  • Some straps lack the outside wax layer, making it difficult to work with
  • Some straps tend to fray a lot, which makes fusing ends together necessary
  • Changes in materials mean that the straps aren’t all the same quality

TITAN Warrior Cord


  • The tensile strength of 620 pounds can support a lot of weight without breaking
  • It is easy to remove the individual strands from the inside
  • The outer sheath is very strong and won’t get damaged during use
  • There are no color or diameter variations throughout the length of the cord
  • Color stays true
  • Feels thicker in the hand than other, lower quality straps


  • This product is very difficult to unravel
  • Inside threads tend to poke out through the outer sheath on the strap
  • Tends to become tangled and twisted quickly, reducing how easily it can be used

The clear winner of this roundup is the GOLDBERG cord. Not only is it incredibly strong and easy to work with, but the inside strands can be easily removed and used on their own. This strap fulfills all of the needs that you should consider when buying a new strap. I think that it is not only strong and durable, but it can withstand exposure to the elements without being damaged and will lay straight when you need it to.

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