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Steps to Take for Dealing with a Mid-Winter Power Outages

Snowstorms and gusty winds can wreak havoc on power lines. That’s why power outages are so frequent and common during the winter season. Power outages that take place during the winter oftentimes take longer to get to, which means you may have to live for days without electricity. Snow and a power outage is a combination you do not want to deal with. If your area receives lots of snow annually, then it would be a good idea to prepare yourself before the snow begins to pile. Keeping that in mind, the following are a few tips to help you prepare for the mid-winter power outage.

Choose a Room

During a mid-winter power outage, you will want to conserve as much as energy as possible. Even if you have a standby generator on hand, rather than using electricity as you would normally, pick a room in your home to keep warm during the power outage. It is going to be cheaper to keep a single room in your home warm rather than heating multiple rooms that will not only consume more fuel but will hurt your pocket. To do this, try to select the smallest room possible that you and your family are going to be comfortable in while you wait out the power outage. Since there’s no way of telling how long a power outage is going to last, it’s best to try and save as much of the fuel you have stored for your generator as you can. This will ensure that your generator will remain functional throughout the duration of the power outage and won’t get all juiced out early.

Consider What to Eat

Essential Emergency Food Supply

When the mercury falls below 0, you wouldn’t want to attempt to go to the grocery store. That’s why people stack up on the essentials before the arrival of frigid winter months or whenever they feel a winter storm is brewing. If you are somebody who stores food in the deep freeze, you will be in trouble during a mid-winter power outage. Apart from stockpiling on essentials food items, try canning your own food. You can also consider other methods of preserving food such as dehydrating foods to make them last longer. Non-perishable foods such as peanut butter, fruit bars, crackers, and canned foods, trail mixes, and nuts are all good options to store up before the winter winds begin to howl.

Store Up on H2O

4 Gallon Water containers for emergency

Now that you’ve thought of what you are going to eat during a long mid-winter power outage, don’t forget storing up on the most essential thing that will keep you and your family alive. We’re talking about water. Water is needed not just to hydrate the body, but also to cook food, bathe, and flush the toilet so you will need to consider building a water reserve. Most people make the mistake of not thinking about water until it’s too late and the pipes in their home start to freeze, which is a common problem during a mid-winter power outage.

Keep Your Phone Charged

We all own smartphones. Not only do we use our smartphones to call other people, but we also use it to stay connected with our friends and family via social media. Your cellphone can also be used as a hotspot for accessing the internet when the power goes out. To make sure your phone stays powered up during a mid-winter power outage, make sure to invest in a solar charger and an extra battery just in case. Make sure to charge your car’s battery so that you can later use it to charge your cellphone if the need arises.

Keep Your Kids and Pets Safe

Mother Son and Family Dog staying warm

Being in a situation where you are faced with a mid-winter power outage and freezing temperatures can be stressful. However, it’s crucial that you stay calm in this sort of situation so that your children can be at ease. Don’t forget to keep emergency numbers close to the phone and store up on your children’s medications. Also, you can put an extra layer of clothing on your kids and children to make sure they are warm. Make sure to change your child’s often since socks tend to get wet with perspiration even during the cold.

Keep the Cold Out

Frozen windows during a mid-winter power outage

When the power is out during the cold months of winter, it won’t take very long for the temperature in your home to plummet. To make sure you and your family do not have to deal with extreme cold, double check all doors and windows to make sure they are shut. Oftentimes, there are small gaps between doors and windows which are responsible for letting in the cold wind. Make sure that the edges of all doors and windows of your home are in line and closed properly. If it’s too late, you can still use towels to block drafts from entering your home through cracks in the door or window. To make the most out of the elements, if the sun is shining through the window, you can place a black blanket on the floor where the sun’s rays are hitting to draw heat from the sun.

Ending Note

Squire Wood Stove

Always keep a supply of candles or a kerosene lamp at hand. If your home has a chimney, consider using a wood burning stove instead or a kerosene burning heater to keep the interior of your home warm. You can also purchase a four-burner, propane stove for cooking. For lighting the house at night after a power outage you can use solar lights which can charge during the daylight hours. Always make sure your vehicle’s fuel tank is full. You are going to need it if you need to get to the community center or hospital in an emergency.